Facts and Figures

OSCAR Institute follows the guidelines outlined by the Government of India for all the delivered courses and training programmes.

  • Every year around 40 million people are registered in employment exchanges, but only 0.2 million get the required jobs
  • 75 % of jobs are skill- based and require proper skills and professional training
  • The formulated National Policy on skill development has set a target for imparting the required skills to 500 million people by 2022
  • The respectively concerned government bodies are heavily focused on boosting vocational training and ‘career academics’ that train future workers in industries such as healthcare, information technology, beauty, retail, and agricultural sectors
  • The government of India also aims to set up 1500 new Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and 5000 skill development centers across the country as well as a National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) for affiliations and accreditations in the vocational, educational, and training systems

Following all the Government guidelines and instructions, OSCAR Institute is an initiative of OZONE Group that aims at providing skills development and training in Beauty, Retail, Medical, and Agricultural Sectors to all the people for - a proud, employed, happy, and empowered Indian citizen.