CSR Initiative

Ozone Mission is a charitable trust established by the Ozone Group of Companies on April 13, 2004 to provide education, health, rural and urban infrastructure development and economic improvement, moral values in rural areas.

Empowering Women in Rural India

  • 52 Self-help Group have been formed in the 14 villages.
  • Their bank accounts have been opened in Syndicate Bank, Govardhan. Guidance and support is given to the group members for saving funds on monthly-basis and micro financing the funds among themselves at the time of need.

Gainful employment to rural women is provided for manufacturing of the following products:

  • Incense Sticks (Gifts to our esteemed clients)
  • Wax candles of different sizes, shapes and colors
  • Cloth Potlies for packing of gifts


Various training areas

  • ‘Aggarbatti’ making
  • Wax products
  • Sewing
  • Tulsi-mala

Micro financing of Rickshaws

14 rickshaws have been financed by Ozone Mission to provide villagers a source of livelihood. Imparting Rural Education to local poor children to eradicate illiteracy and social upliftment of less fortunate children.



Health Centers

Ozone Mission organized First-Aid Camps every month during Parikrama for the benefit of the devotees who visit Govardhan for the Parikrama days. These camps are supervised by qualified doctors/compounders and are duly authorized by the Chief Medical Officer, Govardhan.