Medical and Nursing

Basic Anatomy and Physiology
Course Code Level Duration Entry Qualification Employment Opportunities:
MED 102 Level – One 300 hours (75 working days and four hours per day) 8th Pass

Employment in:

  • Hospitals (all levels)
  • Medical and Para Medical Institutions
  • Government and Private Clinics
  • Nursing Homes


This module includes subject knowledge of the Human Anatomy and Physiology.

  • Organs and Parts of Human body (Anatomy)
  • Organ Systems of the Body – Skeletal System – Nervous System – Circulatory System- Respiratory System – Digestive System – Urinary System, etc.
  • Functioning of the organ systems of the body (Physiology)

Job Profile: Assistant to Physicians, Non-invasive, Invasive ICU Support, Ambulatory Care Support, Hospital/Nursing Home Technician and Medical and Para Medical Institution Technician

End- of - Course Competency: After completing the training, the Trainee would have a good knowledge of structure and function of the various systems of the human body. The Trainee would be able to work as part of a Health Care Team in public/ private hospitals and clinics

Bedside Assistant
Dietician Assistant
Midwifery Assistant
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Therapeutic Massage Technician
Vaccination Technician