Success Stories

  • "Oscar Changed my life. Now , I look more Beautiful. I am Confident, Empowered &
    most importantly Independent."

    Swati Sinha, Oscar Graduate
  • A step can change your life

    I did many private courses on beauty as I had a keen interest in this profession. But, I was not satisfied with the knowledge and was not able to get any job as well. One day I was attending a seminar and came to know about OSCAR Institute. I joined the beauty course of the Institute and learned about head massage, hand mehndi, hair styling, curling, head mehndi and client servicing as well.

    After completing the course I followed the process of Door-to- Door servicing and it has been successful. I am very happy with the response and I also recommended the course to many of my friends. OSCAR has not only given me a source of income but a new meaning to my life as well.

    Sita, Delhi
  • Beauty cannot describe talent

    This fact has always depressed me that people think that beauty describes talent. However, talent is not defined by beauty and I wanted to prove this statement right. Being an average looking girl I always wanted to explore my skills and make my career. One day one of my friends recommended me OSCAR Institute, Beauty course. I visited the institute and found the environment very comfortable. I joined the course and apart from beauty I also learned about personality development, communication skills and my confidence level has also increased. I also know the basics of beauty including hair cutting, threading, bleaching, facial, hair coloring, roller setting and blow dry.

    After the completion of the course I joined a beauty parlor as a beautician and earning a fair income. I feel very happy and confident now, all thanks to OSCAR Institute.

    Damini, Delhi
  • An opportunity can transform you

    From my childhood I had a keen interest in beauty and make-up. After I grew up, I decided to follow my dreams. I pursued a Basic beauty course and got a job in a salon as a beautician. However, I was not satisfied with my job and knowledge I had about the techniques and methods required by a beautician. I shared my problem with one of my friends and she told me about OSCAR Institute’s Beauty course. I visited the institute and got enrolled in the beauty course. I got complete knowledge and also learned about advanced techniques that a beautician should know. I learned all about the latest techniques of styling, latest beauty products used in salon, do’s & don’ts of a salon, client servicing and everything. Moreover, after the completion of the course I also got a NCVT Certificate that is a big boost for my career. The course is a complete package and had groomed my personality and way of life.

    While pursuing the course I dreamt of working in OSCAR Salon as it had all the latest products and facilities and can learn a lot more. My dream did come true and after the completion of the course I got a job in OSCAR Salon as a beautician. The course had transformed my personality completely. It was a very big achievement for me. Special thanks to OSCAR Institute!

    Anita, Delhi
  • Dreams do come true

    Whenever, I came across any beauty parlor, my dream of becoming a beauty consultant became strong. My visit to the beauty parlor was to learn the art of beauty. One day while reading a newspaper, I came to know about OSCAR Institute’s beauty course. Instantly, I felt that this is the destination that can make my dreams come true. I visited the institute and met the faculty and felt very confident, motivated and happy. I joined the course and that was the first step towards my happiness and career. I learned all the basic techniques of working in a salon including waxing, hair styling, hair cutting, manicure, pedicure and facial. Apart from the basics of beauty and styling, I also learned client servicing, how to convince clients, improved my way of talking and overall personality development.

    After completing the course, I got a job in a salon as a Client Servicing personnel and I am really enjoying the new life that OSCAR Institute has provided me. I truly believe that OSCAR is a platform where dreams come true.

    Aarti, Delhi
  • Where there is a will there is a way

    After completing my graduation I had no job and that is when I came to know about OSCAR training course from one of my friends. I joined the retail course and it has completely transformed me into a professional employee and enhanced my communication skills and personality. I got sufficient knowledge about retail sector and selling skills. The course improved my selling skills, managerial skills and work etiquettes. I also learned about client servicing and how to make an impact on the clients.

    Post my training I was hired by an established mall in Bhubaneswar along with free accommodation benefits. OSCAR has given my dreams the wings to fly. Now, I aspire to work hard and earn more to give a happy and secure life to my family.

    Prafulla Ku. Majhi, Chandrasekharpur
  • Rupee cannot determine the value of dreams

    I am from a poor family and my father is a farmer. From my childhood this aspect discouraged me to follow my dreams. However, I never thought that I cannot fulfill my dreams and support family and as I grew up, my passion for earning a better future grew stronger. One day I attended a seminar and came to know about OSCAR Institute and their Retail course. At that very moment I decided to go for the course and fulfill my dreams. I joined OSCAR Institute and learned the art of selling products to customers or clients and how to attract their attention, selling skills, managerial skills and work etiquettes.

    After completing the course I got a job as a Sale Executive in a well established mall with a fair income. I am giving money to my family and supporting them, which makes me very happy. So, I am thankful to OSCAR Institute. OSCAR has made my career bright. This job is a platform that would change my life. I want to be a Sales Manager and one day I will be.

    Rasmi Kanta Jena, Jaipur