Service Overview

OSCAR Institute Private Ltd. is a part of OZONE Group of Companies and a subsidiary of OZONE Pharmaceuticals Ltd. We focus on training programs and skill development solutions aimed at increasing productivity for businesses on one hand and employability enhancement for youth and women on the other. The trainings are provided in-house as well as there are many other centers in rural areas and other states. At the Oscar, The initiation and concept is an innovative business model that addresses the entire talent supply chain including students who have just passed class 8 to Post-Graduates and even professionals. OSCAR Institute trained professionals and experts have provided support services and trainings to thousands of participants and have made them employed professionals. Our trainings and courses have changed the lives of many unemployed people.

Our service areas include Self Development, Life Skills, Personality Development, and Corporate Trainings. All our courses and trainings will enable you to grab a good professional opportunity and a step closer towards the success of your future.

OSCAR Institute aims to fight youth unemployment in vulnerable groups and provide livelihood skills development to unemployed rural youth and women in India, addressing a collective security of a better life for all by creating sustainable programs for training of youth and women for employability and skill development for self-employment by providing:

People living in rural and tribal areas have not to worry anymore because our Courses and Training Modules are applicable for all. You can acquire a better employment opportunity or can be self- employed.

  • Skill

    Educating Rural and Youth of India a better futture

  • Corporate

    In-House Training programs for pharmacy and ayurvedic divisions

  • On-job

    For students in all the fields including beauty, retail, medical and nursing homes with practical experience

  • Professional

    We also provide Life Skill, Personality Development, and Corporate Trainings-like leadership...